Management Career Myths

Many people assume an ideal career progression involves increasing specialisation, steadily rising salary and benefits, and a move into a management position. In today’s volatile and ambiguous workplace, this is no longer a formula for job satisfaction or high performance. Understanding some of the myths about what a successful career looks like can help you

What’s in a Name

I’ve just become a Grandad. The little man arrived two weeks early amidst the floods affecting the North of England. All the grandads I spoke to said what a life change experience it would be, but it didn’t happen. I woke up the next morning feeling the same as I did the day before. I

Blood, Sweat, Tears and Pride Tinged with Disappointment – A Trailtrekker Journey.

The Challenge:  100km non-stop in under 30 hours around the Yorkshire Dales in teams of 4. 6am Saturday morning and with my three team mates – Dean, Dave and Barbara, I’m on the starting line in Skipton.  Along with 220 other teams, we’re all set for a 100 kilometre, non-stop hike around the Yorkshire Dales.  We

3 Myths about Building a Successful Career

Increasing pressure to perform and the blurred lines between personal and working life are symptomatic of today’s workplace. Career paths lack clarity and rely on climbing the corporate ladder. Is this really what everyone wants, or is there a better way to build a more satisfying career? Many people assume career progressions involves increasing specialisation, steadily rising reward package,