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I have made a living from playing squash, climbed the corporate ladder joining the executive board of a national retailer and run a successful consulting business for 20 years.  I gave it all up to go backpacking on the other side of the world.  Sounds interesting?  Read on…  

Jonathan at home in Yorkshire

what's my story?

From a young age I played squash. It helped that I lived in a squash club and had a three times world champion as a coach.  That grounding enabled me to make a living from the game, playing and coaching abroad.  I came back to the UK with the offer of managing a new squash club, but no-one asked if being a decent player made for a good manager.  Clearly not in my case and I soon found myself out of work.  It was a lesson that really helped me understand the nature of careers later on.

Over the next fifteen years I made my way in the retail industry, starting out as a sales assistant and, with a sabbatical to gain my professional qualifications in human resources, I was invited to become executive head of HR for a large private retailer undergoing a major restructure.

The pressures of turning round the business took its toll on both me and my family and so I left to start out on my own.  Over the next 20 or so years I built a successful learning and development business developing leaders from supervisors to senior executives.

In 2018 following some long and traumatic family illnesses, me and my wife decided to make some radical changes.  I ended my business interests, we rented out the family home and went backpacking around SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The experience was life changing and life affirming.  To have an opportunity to share what I’ve learnt with you presents an exciting challenge and opens a new chapter.


anything is possible, it's only a question of how...

 Removing the barriers that limit imagination and creativity creates choice.  Choice leads to freedom and freedom is power.  What would you do if you had the power to bring your imagination to life? 

Georgetown, Penang

how I can help you


You have a dream or goal, but not sure about the next steps. Perhaps, like me, there is something you want to leave behind, but can't see the way ahead. The future has not been written, it's your opportunity to write your own. Dare to be amazing.


My experience managing a squash club taught me a valuable lesson that I only understood years later. Career success requires more than technical skills. It's about an evolving mindset that aligns with your career stage. Take charge of your career and prepare for the future you want.


You want to improve your personal productivity, boost your team's performance, or increase levels of engagement and motivation in your employees. Whether leading yourself or others, it all comes from within. Release that potential - it has no limits.

work with me

I love helping people and making a difference.  How can I help you?

I have over 30 years experience in operational and executive management. I have set up and built a successful business.  I am a Fellow of the chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD), an ILM qualified coach, NLP practitioner and accredited in leading psychological assessment tools, e.g. (HBDI).

I have had to deal with serious illness in my family, overcome my own mental health issues and travelled the world, staying in hostels, mud huts and posh hotels. 

You could say I’ve been around the block.  I am sure my experience can help you.

Charlottes Kitchen, Paihia Wharf, Bay of Islands, NZ
Charlottes Kitchen, Paihia Wharf, Bay of Islands, NZ

what people say...

“Jonathan is the sort of person that you want in times of crises and turmoil, when things aren’t going quite right. He is able to offer calmness to things and has an ability to see the wood for the trees.”

His expertise, insight and knowledge are remarkable, and his discussion and comments are enormously valuable and practical. In all our meetings, Jonathan helped me not only to refine my ideas but to be able to see the big picture and yet also spot those tiny details that might have got in the way. He is really a professional, creative and pleasant to work with

“thanks to his persistent challenging and coaching, as an Engineer, I eventually began to genuinely appreciate the Management/ Business-person’s perspective which has contributed to development of a sustainable competitive advantage for my business”