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I love helping people and making a difference.  How can I help you?

I have over 30 years experience in operational management, executive management and running my own business.  I am a qualified coach, NLP practitioner and accredited in leading psychological assessment tools, e.g. thinking styles (HBDI). 

In my personal life I left school with virtually no qualifications. I worked in bars, factories and warehouses before making a living paying squash abroad. I completed my university studies in my 30’s, won a local body shaping competition in my 50s (really!) and lived with serious illness, both physical and mental.  I celebrated my 60th birthday in Vietnam on a 6 month backpacking adventure in SE Asia.

You could say I’ve been around the block.  I hope my experience can help you in some way.

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see the wood for the trees

Whenever I need to make new plans, change direction or learn something new, I always talk things through with people I respect and trust.  Having the support and critical ear of a valued, independent voice is so important to me.  I have learnt over the years not to underestimate the power of words.

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Make your dream real.


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Become a better leader

Boranup Forest, Australia

Have found yourself  in a routine or rut that lacks enjoyment or excitement?  Do you have a goal or ambition that is eluding you?  Are you short on self-confidence and feeling it’s all too much?

I can help by giving you the tools and support that will enable you to build and own a positive outcome and make concrete steps towards achieving your  goal.  

Feel Empowered and energised from having a clear direction.

See Improvements from taking action.

Dream ⊕ Dare ⊕ Do

Hamilton Gardens, New Zealand


Careers no longer work in a linear fashion. Taking control of you career and learning how to navigate through today’s complex and uncertain world, will give you greater job satisfaction with the focus to identify and take advantage of opportunities.

Coaching is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways of developing people; preparing them for the next stage of their career and helping them perform to their potential.



 The ability to communicate a clear vision, empower and inspire action, rather that direct staff are some of the most important characteristics of an effective leader, whether a CEO or a first line manager.

Recognising the need to develop. yourself is perhaps the most important.  This skill of self-awareness and part of the key leadership trait of learning agility that sets the most successful leaders apart.

 Today’s leaders increasingly recognise the need for someone who can support and challenge their thinking, strategy and decisions.  An independent and objective perspective adds value by developing new thinking and behaviours that lead to increased performance.  .

Bitexo Tower, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

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Melbourne, Australia

I would love to hear from you and explore how we might work together. when can we talk?

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