I founded Ignite-me.com to offer offer coaching, mentoring support to people who want to take their career or passion forward.  With an eclectic career history including professional squash coach and executive board member for a national retailer, I've has a wealth of experience to share.

This year I'm off travelling around South East Asia.  I'm sure I will return with a bag full of new experiences insights and advice to share.  Drop me a line if you want to have a coffee or a chat about your own goals and aspirations.

What If Nothing could Stop you?

How would that change your thinking and confidence to act? Sometimes challenges seem insurmountable and goals unachievable. Life just drags you down. But, there is another way. A coach or mentor can help you achieve more...

Work at the speed of thought

 We all have different ways we prefer to think and your ability to adapt your thinking style will determine how successful you are in communicating with and understanding other people.The HBDI analysis your thinking style and shows you can change your thinking and performance for the better.  If you'd like to learn more about how HBDI can change your world, download a brochure and get in touch